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Easy: deploy to DigitalOcean in 5 steps

The tools are offered as-is with no expectation of support

1. Create a DigitalOcean account if you don’t already have one

Create account with $100 free credit (referred by merc1er) or Create account without referral

2. Deploy the Flipstarter app from the Marketplace

Click here to deploy

3. Copy and paste the IP address of your newly created campaign into a browser

DigitalOcean campaign IP

4. Fill in your campaign information

In the window you just opened

5. Add a domain name (optional but recommended)

You can do this through your domain name provider such as Namecheap, Godaddy etc...

Congratulations, your campaign is ready

Note that you cannot edit a campaign once it is created. You can delete a campaign under the destroy section in DigitalOcean.

Advanced: deploy anywhere

The tools are offered as-is with no expectation of support

Option 1. Deploy with Docker

All you need is Docker installed on your machine

 # download the latest version of flipstarter
 docker pull flipstarter/flipstarter

 # create a volume to store the database
 docker volume create flipstarter

 # run the container on ports 443 and 80
 docker run -d --restart always --name flipstarter -v flipstarter:/app/static/campaigns -p 443:3000 -p 80:3000 flipstarter/flipstarter

Option 2. Deploy with NodeJS

You will need Git, NodeJS and node-gyp installed on your machine

 # clone the git repo and cd into it
 git clone && cd backend

 # install dependencies
 npm install

 # run the webserver on port 3000
 npm start
Read the full instructions
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