Contribute code and earn Bitcoin Cash

The Flipstarter team is a group of volunteers, and we welcome contributions.

General guidelines:

  • Submit merge requests for the campaign backend and frontend here.
  • Submit merge requests for this Electron Cash plugin here.
  • Keep each change minimal and self-contained. Note that "minimal" does not always mean small, but usually it does.
  • Avoid mixing moving stuff around with changing stuff. Do changes with renames on their own.
  • Code review is an important part of the development process. Contributors and maintainers should expect constructive communication from each other.
  • In some cases, merge requests are rejected. It is up to the MR author to convince the reviewers that the changes warrant the review effort.

Suggested workflow:

  1. Find or create an issue describing a need or problem that needs to be solved.
  2. Optional - If you are interested in a bounty, please follow this guideline. Please note that although maintainers try to be realistic about bounty expectations, sometimes MRs are not accepted, and final payout of a bounty depends only on approval and merge of changes.
    1. Create a thread on the issue to discuss your proposal and bounty.
    2. Propose a problem to be solved (any clarification to the issue), the outline of a solution and a bounty.
      • Bounties are only paid in Bitcoin Cash.
      • Bounties are typically denominated in USD.
      • BCH conversion rates are determined at the time of transfer, typically using BitPay as a rate provider.
    3. Review and revise the proposal with the maintainers.
    4. Flipstarter team pays the bounty from public donations only after a successful review, revision and merge process.
  3. Create a Merge/Pull Request with the proposed changes.
  4. Work with maintainers to review and revise the proposed changes.
  5. Maintainers merge changes if/when they meet Flipstarter needs.
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